• Do Mac Tech instruments operate with conventional dimmers?

    Mac Tech LED dimming capabilities vary for each instrument. Most of our instruments are controlled by DMX individually or in groups of tubes. However, our new CoLH patented tubes are completely compatible with all dimming including TRIAC dimmers. Our Artist Series and some of our Slim Line products have onboard dimming.

  • Do Mac Tech instruments operate at any film speed or shutter angle flicker-free?

    Our Artist Series 300 & 200 Flat Panels are completely flicker-free. However, all Mac Tech LED products operate safely within HMI safe windows for film and digital systems.

  • Are Mac Tech LED tubes bi-color?

    Most of our product line is single color for higher ouput; either 3200k or 5600k. However, our Artist Series Flat Panels are available in a bi-color configuration.

  • Are Mac Tech instruments DMX compatible?

    Many of Mac Tech LED’s instruments are DMX controlled. Each product page gives  specific detailed information as to whether DMX is standard of may be added as an option.

  • How competitive is the cost of using Mac Tech?

    Mac Tech LED is very competitive with conventional theatrical lighting, especially when considered with the savings from reduced cable, power, air-conditioning and set up time.

  • Does Mac Tech LED require special power?

    Mac Tech’s patented high output, clustered LED tubes have all their drivers built into the tube enclosure. They operate at 110VAC – 240VAC and require no special ballasts or power.

  • Are the end caps easily replaced?

    Mac Tech LED tube end caps are easily replaced and are inexpensive. The bi-pin configuration if damaged can be exchanged with one phillips screw driver and a couple of minutes.


  • Can I convert my Kinoflo fixtures into Soft Boxes?

    Mac Tech has an easy update to the soft-card style lights in your inventory. By simply changing the tube from fluorescent to our Mac Tech LED clustered chip array LED tubes and replacing the ballast with our 110VAC – 240VAC dimming switch box.

  • Can Mac Tech LED lights be battery operated?

    Both the 2X8 Slim Line 24VDC DMX DIMMING and the 1X8 Slim Line 24VDC DMX DIMMING can be operated by a 24V battery pack.

  • Does Mach Tech LED have a spot or hard edge style light?

    Mac Tech LED is essentially a wash style luminaire. Although we have focusable style lights in development, at this time we are primarily a soft light.