Why MacTech LED?


  • Do Mac Tech instruments operate with conventional dimmers?

    Mac Tech LED dimming capabilities vary for each instrument. Most of our instruments are controlled by DMX individually or in groups of tubes. However, our new CoLH patented tubes are completely compatible with all dimming including TRIAC dimmers. Our Artist Series and some of our Slim Line products have onboard dimming.

  • Do Mac Tech instruments operate at any film speed or shutter angle flicker-free?

    Our Artist Series 300 & 200 Flat Panels are completely flicker-free. However, all Mac Tech LED products operate safely within HMI safe windows for film and digital systems.

  • Are Mac Tech LED tubes bi-color?

    Most of our product line is single color for higher ouput; either 3200k or 5600k. However, our Artist Series Flat Panels are available in a bi-color configuration.

  • How competitive is the cost of using Mac Tech?

    Mac Tech LED is very competitive with conventional theatrical lighting, especially when considered with the savings from reduced cable, power, air-conditioning and set up time.

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